The informal journey to experimentation

Walking down the streets of Harare or any other city in Zimbabwe you can’t help but be enveloped by street vendors going about their day and selling you everything from bananas, belts to carpentry…


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New mom? What is postnatal depression and how can you manage it?

New mom? What is postnatal depression and how can you manage postnatal depression? If pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster, then the postnatal period is an emotional tornado, often full of mood swings, crying and irritation. Birth makes the body go through certain hormonal transformations that are difficult to manage, and the new family member often involves an overwhelming responsibility, especially against this background.

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My apprehension was waived by my curiosity and observationIt was a delight to watch multi-cultured people Each one was absorbed in his or her personal self bu they were ready to give a helping hand…