New mom? What is postnatal depression and how can you manage it?

New mom? What is postnatal depression and how can you manage postnatal depression? If pregnancy is an emotional roller coaster, then the postnatal period is an emotional tornado, often full of mood…


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This is a place to which I began my travelling alone to be with my son’s family

Meeting new faces and being frienly with them was a pleasure

My apprehension was waived by my curiosity and observationIt was a delight to watch multi-cultured people

First of all I saw old couples and couples with small children and young personnel

Each one was absorbed in his or her personal self bu they were ready to give a helping hand to me and admire me also

I had to wait for my son as he was delayed.I was delighted to see Haiku, my three year old grand daughter who told me how she travelled in sky train

I had a hearty laugh when she tole me to be careful

What a neat trafficobeying the rules of the road

The place where my son stayed has only one room apartment

He opened the door though it had six floors with three apartments

The whole apartment is made of wooden floor with neat cupboards fitted in.They used only electric oven though in the same style of gas

It had open windowes which were kept open as the place was hot

Haiku took me to the bathroom and gave me instructions how should I use it

All houses had tiled roof similar to our place as it is feasible during winter and snowy days

The sun sets only at 10.

She plays everyday in the park which is at the end of the road to which she rides in her Leufrad with the helmet ion her head

it seems children above 3 should be trained to ride only that. This is a cycle without a pedal.

This place is famous for cycle ride, tram and bus travel.No bike. A few cars only

Very friendly for disabled and pram children.You can put everything even your cyle in the bus or tram with a stand for that

When I saw it first, I was reminded of the buses invillages with baskets of vegetables etc.

The driver himself helps with the ramp

you can see many immigrants from Syria and other Arab and African countries

A beautiful place with greenery on the Seine river

Indian restaurants and shops are there. So no problem about the food

thank God I enjoyed the stay.Quedos to Dusseldurf

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